Thursday, March 27, 2014

God is Alive, So Let God Live!

Lately I have been meditating on what exactly Oasis is. As you recall from previous posts, Oasis is the name I give to my shared life with Christ. It is the total giving of my will to His and acceptance of Christ the Gift, to me. Please read some of my past posts mentioning Oasis.

I have been slowly trying to be more and more aware and accepting of this new shared life. Because of my new perspective, God has revealed more of Himself in the 3 persons which form the one God within me.

I have always thought of God the Father as a loving, gentle, creator whose will I must be follow. He is also the one that I can climb up to His lap and sit, resting my head on His chest. I must follow Christ’s example by putting the Father’s will be for mine. So here comes Oasis. This same person of the one God now lives in me. I now refer to the Father as the Will.

Jesus told us that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. His words and His deeds are in the Bible. His example must be followed. He shows us how to love. We unite are suffering with His for the salvation and conversion of souls. He shows us how to teach, pray, eat, forgive, and everything else. So here comes Oasis. This same person of the one God it now lives in me. I now refer to Him as the Way.

John Paul II’s book titled “The Spirit Giver of Life and Love” describes the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the animator, the drive, the conscience and so much more. He is the thing that is within you that nudges you to do the right thing. He pushes you to pray. When you are doing the Father’s will and following the Son’s example He will pour His gift’s of love for mankind through you. He gives life. I have always prayed to Him for these gifts, for motivation, for courage, for trust in God and all of the other things needed to follow the will of God. So here comes Oasis.This same person of the one God now lives in me. I now refer to Him as the Life.

Can you see the transition here? The external God, the one that I reach out to is now the internal part of me that reaches out from me. God not only lives in everything outside of me, because without His will nothing exist, He lives in me and is part of me. He is an internal God and our shared life is Oasis.

Please note that I am in constant prayer for humility, smallness, acceptance of Him as The Gift, avoidance of sin (and with that a plea to stay out of His way when He is working through me) and more lessons from Him so that I might be a better partner… for lack of a better word, in Oasis.

This has brought me tremendous piece. I no longer worry about all the things that would’ve irritated me and caused me anguish. I simply ponder what He’s going to do about any given situation. I also get to witness what He does with me for others.

Oasis lives and thrives because God is opening my heart so that He can live here.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Son of God"

I was ready to write a deep post about some of the in-depth things going on with Oasis. I will next time. Yesterday I went and saw movie, “Son of God”.

For those of you that study Christianity you might think as I did, why should I go and watch a movie about something I already know? I think I went partly to give the makers of this movie money and partly to see Scripture on the big screen, more visual and real that I can imagine.

I did not expect what I came away with. I have many names for Jesus, the Answer, the Gift, my Friend, Savior, Brother, and the Word and so on. I study who God is, I feel deep emotional love from God and from myself to Him and others, I listen and pray attentively and Mass, in short, with a lot of help from God, I’m doing all the right things. “Son of God” showed me that I was missing a very important point about Jesus.

Jesus was and is very friendly. This movie made me relate to Jesus as a friend. His compassion and love came alive on the big screen. I was thinking during the movie, “what a nice guy.” This morning in prayer, I began to feel his love for me in a deeper way.

Please go and see this movie.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


As some of you know, I am gluten intolerant. Before I was diagnosed, I thought it was completely normal to have dry skin, dandruff, and a little diarrhea every morning. A little less than 30 years ago, I was told that all the symptoms were because of my intolerance to gluten.When I stopped eating gluten, all of these symptoms went away.

My body did not have to fight my allergic reaction to gluten. When it was fighting this it did not have enough energy or whatever it uses to fight other things wrong occurring in the body. Once the main target of my and body's immunity system was eliminated, it went after all of the other lesser targets.

I have found this to be the same with matters of the soul. I have fought, and will continue to fight impure thoughts. For the most part this target has been eliminated. In other words, God has helped me to the point where I no longer think of women as objects. It has been over 10 years since this was a major problem. Within the last year or so, God has helped me eliminate all my alcohol problems. Within the last 6 months God has helped me become a healthier by changing the way I eat and exercise.

This Lenten season I am asking God for help in trusting him more, loving drivers who I would normally get angry with, and eliminating specific words that I say while I am driving or on the golf course.

My soul, my very person, is a parallel of my body (God's Temple). By my submission to His will and my humble request for His help, we (Oasis is) are moving to attack other targets. I am also asking God for help in every aspect of my life, in the form of prayer for Oasis.

(As you recall from previous post, Oasis is the name I have given to God and myself acting as one because of my total submission of my will to His with the Holy Spirit as dominant as can be, based on His gift to me of my ability to submit to His will.)

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Other Side of Oasis

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and although he understands that I am religious, he doesn’t buy it. He was raised Catholic and somewhere in his journey, he lost the faith. I explained to him the failed concept of trying to fit God into man’s idea of Him and the correct concept of man thinking of God the way God has revealed himself to us. My friend asked me, if when I died, what if I realized that all of the religious concepts I talk about are false? I explained to my friend the miracles of the hosts that bleed, the historical foundation of the Bible, the miracles of the perfectly preserved bodies of saints that are over 100 years old and much more to substantiate my belief. He also had real trouble with the difference between the false concept of destiny, and the truth of providence. He did not understand that God can be timeless, matterless in spaceless while we exist in time. God knows what our decision is but does not make the choice for us.

Later in the day, I began to ponder why I am so blessed that I have the gift of faith and my friend, who I love, does not. I also thought of family members, lost loved ones and all of the other people that God has created that do not have the gift of faith. My heart hurts for them. I began to ask God “why me?” “Why did you choose some of us?”

The answer came to me fairly quickly. Some people have dysfunctions, some do not know how wonderful God is, some had religion rammed down their throat and they pushed back and some simply chose, and still choose, to ignore God’s invitation. In short, there are 1000 reasons and some of them I do not get to know.

Then I began to ponder why it hurts me that some people don’t get to know and love God. It hurts me even if that is their own choice. “My loving Lord: why do I hurt for them?” The answer has to do Oasis (as defined in my last few posts).

I have been defining Oasis as the joint life of God within me as it pertains to the way I feel when Oasis is doing God’s will. What I have been failing to understand is that, at the same time, I am feeling a tiny fraction of God’s emotions. In the timelessness that is part of God’s nature He feels pain. All of Christ’s experiences are timeless, therefore perpetual. The joys of doing his Father’s will, the love of God, temptations, the pain of the cross, the love of his mother,… Everything is timeless and perpetual and therefore going on right now. Oasis participates in the love of man and God uses me because of my participation. I feel a tiny part of all of God’s life in the past and in the present because of the existence of Oasis and the Eucharist. I (and Oasis by its very nature) am part of the body of Christ, (which is also his church). It should also be noted that receiving the Eucharist is Oasis on the highest level.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Positive Thinking

I am sorry for the delay. I need prayers. These last few weeks have been nonstop work or volunteering. Even with all that work my sales are very much down. I have also been emotionally distracted by my dysfunctional family and the closing of my mother’s estate. I simply have too many things on my plate and in need of a vacation. The stress of all this has made it, or maybe it is just God’s will, that I have been unable to give you a good post. I suppose there is something to be learned by going through all of this. I will make an attempt to impart to you what I think God is trying to teach me.

Yesterday a mild snow event came into the region making it impossible to measure and sell roofs. God works in strange ways. I have nothing scheduled but rest for the next 3 days.

I am a little fed up with myself, or frustrated with the fact that I do not understand what God is trying to teach me. I can offer this suffering as a prayer like I always do, and it’s a little boring, and it gets old. So I think trust is the number 1 lesson that I’m learning. Endurance has to be right up there too. This morning, for the first time in a long while I’ve got a nudge of how God wants me to think right now.

Positive thinking is what I should be doing. Some of the roof prospects that did not buy from me told me what I was doing wrong. I can now adjust and add some things that my competitors are doing. I have also made positive strides in the commercial roofing sales arena. I have also relearned that the best way to deal with dysfunctional people is to not engage at all because they will never get what you’re trying to say. The positive side of this is that I will be able to help other people that find themselves in a similar situation.

That’s all I have for you right now. I am tired, stressed, beat up and burned out. I know God loves me and I know I love God. I trust him with all that I am.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pope Francis is Misunderstood

Recently I have been reading a lot about Francis. Some of what I've read leads me to believe he is misunderstood on several issues. Some believe that he is pro-homosexual. Some believe that he is engaging in a war on aspiration. Some even go as far as to say that he is a socialist.

I have read a lot of his actual texts. I believe he is relaying the same teachings of the church that have not been changed, but have been expressed, by the Holy Spirit, differently over time in order to reach the audience of the time.

Pope John Paul II had taught us to stand up and then teachings and values of the church. We needed to do that at that time in history.

Over the last 10 years the perception of the church has been that of a judge mental, rule ridden, hierarchy. Pope Francis reminds us of that perception by telling us to embrace the homosexual, love him as a person and give him dignity and then teach him the errors of his ways. He reminds us that pointing fingers is not the way of Christ. Pope Francis also reminds us that the pursuit of money without consideration of the poor is not the way of Christ. He also reminds our politicians of the dignity of life from conception to natural death. I have found nothing in what he has written or said that advocates the government redistribution of wealth. He directly points the finger at the individual in the capitalistic system to give from the heart.

I believe that we should balance the 2 approaches and incorporate the unspoken subtleties of love demonstrated by Pope Benedict.

The United States present government is at war with the Constitution of the United States, capitalism, freedom of religion, God's definition of marriage, the right to live from conception to natural death, the right to not pay for others to do immoral acts, the right to give to charity without government direction, and even the right to choose your own healthcare.

Pope Francis and the church, in my tiny opinion, do not want them to win. This is just one of the battles of good and evil that the church is fighting on a global scale.

I urge you not to take what you read about Pope Francis and church teaching without reading the Pope's words for your self.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Birth of Oasis

In my past posts, I have written a lot about my efforts to merge God and myself by surrendering my Will and every aspect of my life to God. Many times I have referred to this concept as “we”. I have written things such as: “we (the Holy Spirit and myself)”… I’m sure that this confused all of you because I had such a hard time trying to keep it clear.

Years ago I was massage therapist. People would also come to me for advice. As you know by reading my past posts, I am pretty smart when it comes to dysfunctional behavior. Over the last 10 years I have kept massage and advice giving as a hobby. Within the last 5 years, I have named this hobby the Ministry of Oasis. I even had a framed mission statement:
Ministry of the Oasis
Dedicated to participating with God in loving His people unconditionally with the gifts He has given me and to provide a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental environment for this art.

I would pray (and still do) before every session for the Holy Spirit to join with me. In essence, “we” (the Holy Spirit and I) would be doing this session. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would use me to help the person that was sent to “us”.

These last few months I have been asking the Holy Spirit to live in me and take over every aspect of my life. I also began to refer to all my possessions, feelings, thoughts, acts and everything else as “ours or mine alone (when I sin)”. About 2 weeks ago, in prayer, it occurred to me that “we” is Oasis.

I began to think of my work as “oasis work”, my house as the house of oasis, and everything else labeled in this way. So long as I remain small, allowing the Holy Spirit to take full control of my life, and I that I trust him with all that I am, Oasis exists. The naming of the relationship and actions of God and myself working for God’s will has created a condition in which it is easy to understand the  choice between selfishness and selflessness. I choose Paul or Oasis. I choose to cooperate with church teachings and the guidance of the Holy Spirit or my own selfish interests.

About the same time that I was receiving this new understanding from the Holy Spirit a priest in confession told me that my reasons for my sinfulness where  worthless. He told me that I choose to go with God’s will or not to and when I consciously choose not to, it is a sin. Whenever God uses someone to correct me and opened my mind, He answers my greatest prayer, “Change me.”

Oasis is all the power, love, compassion and everything else that God is, and this very small, little man who gives his life and will to God. I can now pray to the Holy Spirit for Oasis and to keep me humble within that relationship.